The sole purpose of each of the reviews on this website is to help you find your perfect choice of a writing service. With a somewhat of an individual approach, but not that uncommon, you are currently reading about a writing service that has chosen to give its customers the freedom to select the writer who will be working on their assignment.

This can be a very beneficial approach if handled properly by the service, and by properly we mean by selecting excellent writers and providing reliable information that will make the choosing process safer for the customer, as well as providing real guarantees in case something goes wrong. Based on this criterion for a bidding service, this is why we gave a rating of six out of ten.

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One of the benefits we already mentioned exist with this system is the chance to create as specific instructions as you wish. That means no limitations in paper choice, size of paper, not even a deadline. The tricky deal with this freedom of choice is that you can never know who and how many will be bidding to do your paper for you, nor how much they will ask for it. Naturally, more complex papers often result in bigger bids, but this might just be the only system that gives bids that range from unexpectedly low to unexpectedly high.

This is the part where the number of writers and their educational background is a very important factor for the quality, as well as a number of bidders. Bid4Papers has proven that they have many who bid on papers, so you can freely expect to get many bids within the very first hours after your order.

Still, this can take some time before you choose the writer since the ball is in your court, so you might not want to go for it if you need very urgent help.


We usually show specific pricing to give you an insight into what cost you’d be paying if you select a company, but that’s not really possible in a company where you choose your price on the basis of a bidding system. We can, however, provide you with the examples of pricing the company gives out on their prices page, which is as follows:

  • Essay of 2 pages within 7 days at a cost of $35
  • Research paper in sociology of 11 pages within 48 hours for $300

These aren’t really rates to base your opinion on since the prices can vary enormously. You can get a smaller bid than you can find if you look for the fixed priced companies, or choose some extravagant rate because you like a writer’s profile. In other words, you are the only one who can choose what you’ll pay, while the factors that affect that are writers’ estimate of the cost for their work, their portfolios, and your preference.

Now, many companies are known to publish profiles for their writers that aren’t all that real, so we often come across customers who have had a completely opposite experience from what they expected when they reviewed those profiles and made the choice. This is something we didn’t hear or read about

Discounts and Additional Features

Bid4Papers, as well as other bidding companies, don’t have discounts and this one is not an exception. They also don’t have some special features, but they give you a list of their top writers to have a look at if you want to be the surest you can get about the paper quality.

If you have the opinion that bidding companies are extremely cheap, that’s a true opinion, but the truth remains the same even with these services: for better expertise and better writers, the rates should correspond with the paper quality. So even here, there are times where customers have complained of quality that wasn’t as they expected it to be because of their poor choice of a writer, solely because they just looked for ‘the cheapest bid there was’.