How to sell more cars

The automobile industry generates billions in profits. But only the best salesmen can afford a life of luxury and comfort. If you are a car salesman who fails to convince customers, learn how to use a custom Polaroid film to sell cars and, better yet, attract more potential customers. First of all, you will come across people who have the desire to buy a car but cannot do so. Use the following strategy only with qualified customers. When someone gets into the vehicle they want, use a branded instant photo to immortalize that moment. Along with the photo, include a message such as “It’s up to you to make it happen” or “What are you waiting to have it?” and your dealership’s contact information. 

Beating the “let me think about it”

One of the most fear-inducing phrases for those selling a vehicle is “let me think about it.” When that customer leaves the dealership, the salesperson wonders if they did something wrong, if they used the wrong words, or if the customer was never interested in the vehicle and just wasted their time. No one can control this, but the salesperson can control what people think when they leave the dealership. As a dealer, if you notice that a customer has the real intention of buying a vehicle, use the branded instant photo to give them an object so they don’t forget what they felt sitting inside that vehicle. Do this with every potential car-buying customer and you’ll defeat the “let me think about it” every time that person sees the photo at home. If they show it to a family member or friend, those people are likely to motivate them to buy the vehicle.

How do you make the sale?

How many times have you thought about what your potential customers do once they leave the dealership? Have you ever thought about “escorting” your potential customers to their homes? It’s not about going in person; it’s about giving them access to the information they need to buy the vehicle. For example, at the dealership, you can take pictures of your customers inside the car, as well as videos. Include photos of the vehicle and all the information about its most important features. Don’t forget to specify the paperwork they must comply with to complete the purchase. Put everything in a virtual folder using services such as Google Drive or Mega, and use a link shortener service to place it in the photo frame. Once at home, that person will share their experience and feel more motivated to buy.